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The Challenge

Meet-Em-Up was designed to bring people together in an ever-changing world. Today, with the introduction of the novel Coronavirus, human connections and technology are more important than ever. Meet-Em-Up hopes to bring people closer to the way life used to be, just digitally. Users can search Meet-Em-Up for groups meeting in their area, whether that be online, or in an outdoor/socially-distanced setting. Meet-Em-Up hopes to help you start getting back to normal and start getting out there to Meet-Em-Up!

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Tech Stack Explanation

For this progressive web app, React made choosing a set of build tools simple. Its reusable components and the use of Meetup's API accelerated the development process, while Amazon Web Services provided the perfect platform for serverless functions. The use of OAuth2 provided users with a quick login process without the need to create an account. Should a user ever lose their internet connection, the last events viewed are saved to their device. Since the app can be downloaded directly to a device, an internet connection isn't necessary to find a way to that meetup.

The Process

As with most projects, the process started with user stories, which were used to flesh out what users might want out of an application. User stories were then converted into sketched wireframes where basic structures were laid out. Where available, project assets were used to compare design templates and develop more concrete designs. With this particular project, testing was performed throughout the project using TDD and BDD mindsets. Testing was conducted before, during, and after code implementation, resulting in more than a 90% test coverage rate.

Meet-Em-Up user stories
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Lessons Learned

I learned so much from this project in terms of coding best practices and the importance of testing. As this project was developed with a TDD and BDD mindset, at first, for a new coder, this task seemed quite daunting. However, the experience allowed me to grow both as a developer and a person. I found that the patience required to think ahead of the code that needs to be written is a skill worth continuing to develop.